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The Community Organisers programme is all about inspiring community action at a neighbourhood level.

Community Organisers listen to the concerns of people in their area, build relationships and help people take action on their own behalf on the local issues that matter to them.

The Community Organisers programme has its own website where you can find out more about the organisers, apply to become a host, ask questions and get in touch.

If you’d like to become a Community Organiser, please contact the host organisation directly.

For a full list of all hosts visit the Community Organisers website.

What is the Community Organisers programme?

Community Organisers listen to residents in their homes, on the street and where they gather, and they listen to public service and third sector workers, small businesses and local institutions to help develop their collective power to act together for the common good, as identified locally.

The programme will recruit and train 500 senior Community Organisers, along with a further 4,500 part-time voluntary organisers, over four years.

The work of the Community Organisers enables people to take action on their own behalf and have the power and confidence to tackle the issues which are important to them. It also enables them to make the most of new community rights and opportunities to achieve their own aspirations.

Community Organisers are recruited and hosted by local community host organisations, often in deprived areas of the country.

RE:generate, Locality’s training partner, will train the community organisers in the ‘Root Solution Listening Matters’ approach to help them build networks and create dialogue.

Locality has a great deal of experience in peer-to-peer learning support and will be ensuring that Community Organisers learn from each other and build networks both locally and across the country using  face-to-face connections and digital media.

You can find out the latest on the project by following @corganisers on twitter. or on facebook.

Read Locality’s Community Organisers bid here.

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