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Apply for Early Stage Support

We are no longer accepting applications for the Early Stage Support programme.

Three stages of support

The Locality Early Stage Funding programme includes three elements. Our goal is to help your group navigate the crucial early stages of a project to a point where you are ready to apply for other funding or sources of finance.

Stage 1

Successful applicants are assigned a member mentor who will meet with your group to talk about your project and the conditions in which it will operate. Having discussed your project with you in detail, they will suggest a programme of support to take you forward into the second stage.

Stage 2

Locality will then provide up to five days of intensive support on a one to one basis, concentrating on the areas that will be most useful to your group. By the end of this support, you will also have completed an action plan to take your project forward when the programme ends.

Stage 3

As part of the programme, your group will be able to apply for a small cash grant of up to £2220, from a central pot.

See for Yourself

As part of the programme, you will also be invited to join one of the See for Yourself learning visits, and wherever possible, we will try to put successful applicants in contact with other groups following similar projects. These programme elements will be completed by December 2017.


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The Locality Early Stage Support Programme is  funded by the Nationwide Foundation. It is a two year programme to assist new, affordable community-led housing projects in the start-up phase of their projects.