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Locality is proud to work to be part of a network of organisations supporting Community-led housing. There are many different avenues of support open to groups looking for inspiration, advice and guidance. Here are a selection:

Self Help Housing:

Self-help housing groups negotiate with the owners of empty properties for their use and then go on to organise whatever repairs are necessary to make them habitable. Often, the people refurbishing the homes learn new skills as part of the process. The homes can then be used to house people in need. The properties are often ‘borrowed’ on the basis of a licence or sometimes a lease, for a specified period of time. On occasion, future plans change and the buildings may even become available on a permanent basis.
Self-help supports and promotes this approach to community-led housing.

Confederation of Co-operative Housing:

Co-operative and mutual housing schemes have a community membership where those who live in homes developed are required or are encouraged to become members – in some cases – alongside other local community members. That community membership is able to democratically control the housing organisation in some way through general meetings of the organisation. The CCH promotes and supports co‑operative and mutual housing organisations.

UK Co-housing:

Co-housing communities are intentional communities, created and run by their residents. Each household has a self-contained, personal and private home but residents come together to manage their community, share activities, eat together. UK Cohousing Network is the UK’s umbrella organisation helping communities to use the cohousing model.

Community Land Trust Network:
Community Land Trusts are a form of community led housing, where local organisations are set up and run by ordinary people to develop and manage homes. The CLT’s main task is to make sure these homes are genuinely affordable, based on what people actually earn in their area, not just for now but for every future occupier. The CLT network provides funding, resources, training and advice for CLTs and works with Government, local authorities, lenders and funders to establish the best conditions for CLTs to grow and flourish.

The National Custom & Self Build Association (NaCSBA) was set up by network of companies and individuals with the common aim of promoting self build and custom build as a form of housing delivery that can make a significant contribution to home building in the UK. NaCSBA brings together developers, architects, planners, financial and warranty providers, manufacturers, self builders, community groups and local authorities to develop, share and promote best practice in self and custom build.