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Health and Wellbeing

Community anchor organisations are a crucial component of the local infrastructure which supports healthy, sustainable and resilient neighbourhoods, providing a range of services across the social determinants of health.

They work with people in their communities – in places where they live, work, learn, raise families, and age – and provide a holistic, ‘whole-person’ approach to supporting people. Through this approach and their expertise in community development, they draw on the strengths and capacity of communities, and support prevention.

There has been a growing recognition from health policymakers that addressing health inequalities requires focusing on creating healthy and sustainable communities, and that closer working with communities and the community sector is vital to achieving improved health outcomes. However, despite these developments – the increasing financial constraints on health spending and across contracting authorities mean that crucial investment in prevention, community development, and other wellbeing services is falling.


New member-led group on health and wellbeing:

Locality has established a new member-led group on health and wellbeing, to influence commissioners and policy-makers around place-based, community development approaches to delivering health outcomes and tackling health inequalities

In a similar way to our Community-led housing member-led group this group will provide a collective influencing voice and focus for Locality’s lobbying work around health policy, and share best practice and learning.

To join the network or to find out more information please contact

Past meetings:

Social prescribing and CCGs – Locality Masterclass

First meeting of Locality’s Health and Wellbeing Group