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Our members often tell us they find it difficult to capture the essence of their overall impact and to articulate the holistic value of their operations to their beneficiaries.

What is ChangeCheck?

ChangeCheck is a tool for organisations to use to demonstrate their impact on community wellbeing.

It moves community organisations away from simply looking at outcomes and outputs and instead encourages them to consider how their sum is greater than its parts – in other words, the difference that they make in the community overall.

We also offer the Made to Measure tool, an introduction to the impact process.

Locality very much supports qualitative, practical impact assessment and while ChangeCheck does provide some statistics and figures, its richness is in the qualitative data yield.

ChangeCheck can be used:

  • To gain a snapshot of the organisation’s impact on community wellbeing at any one point: perhaps to meet funding demands or increase funding opportunities
  • As a reality check: to gain other people’s perceptions of the organisation

Find out more about the ChangeCheck process and prices.