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Locality Brokers

Building projects can be daunting and challenging for groups who have limited experience of build stages and processes.

Locality Brokers

Locality Brokers partners property professionals such as architects with aspirational community groups to transform land and buildings for local benefit. This is an important service to offer groups with a building project: new, asset transfer, refurbishment, extension, or are seeking funding for capital projects and need professional support.

Locality Brokers provides a supportive environment for community groups to identify professionals who understand their circumstances and who may be able to provide pro bono or ‘at risk’ work with the aspiration of paid work at a later stage.

How does it work?

  1. Community groups and professionals sign up on the Locality Brokers website
  2. Brokers (Locality staff) meet and support community groups and help them  prepare a project brief
  3. The brief is advertised to registered firms who then express their interest in working with the group
  4. The community group choose who they want to work with and agree a programme of work and any costs
  5. The brokers ensure clear agreements with the service supplier by providing templates such as schedules and being a critical friend.

Locality has successfully developed an approach since 2012 initially funded by Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and has worked with over 30 groups.

“Locality Brokers is a unique service designed to enable property professionals to partner with well-prepared community organisations who want to acquire, refurbish or manage property.

“Locality Brokers can match firms with a community organisation which will make best use of their professional skills and offer terms and opportunities which also help deliver firms business objectives. It provides a clear framework for negotiation and a delivery of firms services, whether they wish to offer a few hours of their time on a standalone basis or develop a long term relationship in a particular area.” Stephen Williams MP, Minster for Communities

There is currently no charge for either professional firms or community groups to take advantage of the service whilst Locality seeks to demonstrate the impact and benefits of the approach.

Locality is bringing together the best private property professionals with the most aspirational community enterprises. The aim is to transform land and buildings for local benefit.

For more information please visit the Locality Brokers website, or contact Mick McGrath on or 07912 269668

Follow @LocalityBrokers on twitter for the latest news and updates.