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Locality Brokers webinars

Locality Brokers ran a series of webinars giving practical advice, tips and guidance to anyone thinking of taking on a building project.

We recorded the webinars sessions.

What’s the process?

Ben Downie, Director of Inkpen Downie Architecture & Design talks about communicating your project and the RIBA ‘stages of work’. The webinar covers:

  • The RIBA stages of work and why they can help you prepare your project
  • What can you expect at these stages and which professionals may be involved at the early stages
  • How the work stages work with a refurbishment project rather than a new build
  • How best to communicate your project
  • Why this matters – doesn’t the architect just know what to do?!!

Click here to see the webinar

Business plan vs building planning?

Jonathan Platt, GCP Architects, gives an architect’s point of view about constructing a viable business plan and the role the business plan has in shaping a building project. The webinar covers:

  • The relationship between a new or existing building and the business plan,
  • What a business plan should cover,
  • How you construct a business plan if you don’t know the cost of building, and
  • Once the plan is made – will it change?

Click here to see the webinar

What if it goes wrong?

Ian Lush, Chief Executive of the Architectural Heritage Fund talks through due diligence and issues for managing risk.

  • What is due diligence?
  • Who is it for and why do a due diligence exercise?
  • How do we identify risk
  • What can we do to mitigate risk (need to talk about the importance of contracts!)
  • What due diligence do funders do?

Click here to listen.

Who do we need to help us?

Community asset expert Lorraine Hart, Community Land Use, will share some very practical advice on how to choose and appoint your property professionals.

  • Which property experts do we need
  • How do we find them?
  • What about procurement rules?
  • Can’t we just use the architect on our committee?
  • How do we select the right one for us?
  • Do we really need a legal agreement?

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