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The Place Station

The Place Station is a website which introduces public and private sector owners of land and buildings to social and community entrepreneurs with ideas for transforming their local area.

You can add important community land or buildings, from town or village halls to castles and community centres; you can add an idea for land or buildings and you can offer your support to help save or develop land or buildings.

View Asset mapping campaigning – by Annemarie Naylor to learn more about how communities can take over local land or buildings – and how the Place Station can help.

The Place Station will help you to make use of the new Community Right to Bid, which comes into force soon. It aims to keep valued land and buildings in community use by giving local people the chance to bid to buy them, if and when they come onto the market.

People will have the opportunity to nominate public and private land and buildings to be part of a register of ‘assets of community value’. If something on this register is offered for sale, the Right is triggered. The community will then have up to six months to prepare a bid and compete to buy it.

Locality will be working with local authorities to publish their lists via The Place Station to create a one-stop-shop for mapping initiatives alongside offers of support.

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