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Just Power

Just Power for Communities CIC is a fully accredited installer of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. They specialise in community owned buildings: from managed workspace, to village halls, churches to schools.

As a social enterprise Just Power understand the importance for communities to create renewable energy, reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency.

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Has your committee or board thought about solar panels (PV) but not had the time to plan your project, not known who to trust to advise you or been worried it’ll cost too much?

Contact Just Power for Communities CIC for advice and information for your solar project and how you can generate money for your community.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels simply rely on the sun shining to turn its energy into electricity.

Electricity which…

  • you can use for free in your property
  • will reduce your energy bills
  • will reduce your carbon foot print
  • is generated by a low maintenance and long lived system
  • comes from a low visual impact system
  • creates an income through the Government’s Feed in Tariff Scheme

Just Power for Communities CIC PV systems are good quality at a competitive price, with good rates of return on your investment – even after the proposed cuts to the feed-in tariffs. Even if you lease a property for your community asset installing a solar PV system is still a possibility – speak to Just Power for more advice. They will help customers with fundraising and they understand how your organisation works.

Every six months the feed-in tariffs are reviewed.  Start planning your project today to ensure you don’t miss out. You can use Just Power’s handy guide to plan your project.