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  1. Neighbourhood planning webinar presentation

    An brief overview of neighbourhood planning

    Neighbourhood Planning
  2. Community ownership and management of assets webinar

    View the resources from our webinar on 18 June 2015 on how local communities can successfully...

    Assets, Learning
  3. Income Generation for Public Libraries: learning and case studies from a national pilot project in England

    Locality research report looks at how five trailblazing library authorities are using enterprise to generate extra income

  4. Keep it Local webinar video & slides

    Watch the recording of the Keep it Local webinar and hear about our campaign for locally delivered public services and the outstanding results which community organisations achieve when they provide neighbourhood services

    Keep it Local, Learning
  5. Immy Kaur’s community enterprise webinar

    Watch our webinar with social entrepreneur Immy Kaur

  6. A guide to changes to the voting system

    The new registration process will have a devastating impact on democracy, potentially leaving millions of legitimate...

  7. Toolkits

    Social media toolkit – blogging

    Our guide to blogging - for community and voluntary groups

    Enterprise, Innovation
  8. Community consultation webinar

    View the webinar and presentation slides from the community consultation webinar, given by Plunkett Foundation community advisor...

  9. North West Regional Meeting December: Policy and funding update

    Anton Schultz's presentation Policy and funding update NW

  10. Community-run post offices – Darnall Forum

    The Locality and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation report on community-run post offices, including the story of Darnall Forum - the first community organisation in the country to own and run a post office

    Assets, Enterprise