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  1. Key publications

    Powerful Communities, Strong Economies report

    The ‘Powerful Communities, Strong Economies’ report provides a framework that local authorities can use to commission for economic resilience and community organisations can use to evidence their local economic impact.

    Keep it Local
  2. Key publications

    How to Keep it Local: Innovation in Action Policy Briefing Paper

    Policymakers increasingly recognise that the solutions to many of our most stubborn social challenges lie outside...

    Keep it Local, Policy
  3. Keep it Local webinar video & slides

    Watch the recording of the Keep it Local webinar and hear about our campaign for locally delivered public services and the outstanding results which community organisations achieve when they provide neighbourhood services

    Keep it Local, Learning
  4. Key publications

    Saving money by doing the right thing: Why ‘local by default’ must replace ‘diseconomies of scale’

    Locality, with Professor John Seddon of Vanguard, has published the Saving money by doing the right...