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  1. Key publications

    Community-managed Libraries Peer Network Survey Report

    A new piece of research, conducted during March-April 2017 amongst members of the Community Library Peer Network, reveals shared interests and goals and the importance of access to the advice and support they need to run their library services effectively.

  2. Key publications

    Locality’s Theory of Change

    Locality's Theory of Change explains our plan for supporting vital community anchor organisations like our members

  3. Toolkits

    Social media toolkit – blogging

    Our guide to blogging - for community and voluntary groups

    Enterprise, Innovation
  4. Toolkits

    Social media toolkit – YouTube and LinkedIn

    Make the most of YouTube and LinkedIn

  5. Diseconomies of scale webinar

    View the video and the slides from Locality's diseconomies of scale webinar

  6. Key publications

    Saving money by doing the right thing: Why ‘local by default’ must replace ‘diseconomies of scale’

    Locality, with Professor John Seddon of Vanguard, has published the Saving money by doing the right...

  7. Community buying webinar

    Chris Pomfret's webinar on community buying

    Enterprise, Innovation
  8. Toolkits

    Social media toolkit – twitter & facebook

    A guide to help community and voluntary sector organisations get started on twitter and facebook.

  9. Public Services, Civil Society and Diseconomies of Scale

    Locality, in partnership with Professor John Seddon of Vanguard Consultancy, is carrying out a ground-breaking research...

    Enterprise, Innovation, Policy