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Waving not drowning: supporting community organisations at times of crisis

Public sector cuts, Social finance, Sustainability

Locality’s Lifeboat Service was established in 2007 in response to growing numbers of Locality members – community-led organisations across England – who didn’t know where to turn when in crisis and were unable to pay for professional, specialist or external advice and support.

locality lifeboat service

Funded by Locality through its reserves, Lifeboat provides advice and practical help to member organisations which are experiencing, or are at risk of, difficulties that threaten their viability.

Lifeboat lessons

Lifeboat is vital but Locality believes that with the right support at key times in an organisation’s development, the need for crisis interventions could be significantly reduced.

This briefing paper sets out the lessons we have learned from supporting our members through Lifeboat, including an analysis of the types of problems faced by community organisations and the range of support and skills which are most frequently required to tackle them.