Do you care about a building or green space in your community and want to make sure it’s protected for future generations and used to meet local needs?

We believe community ownership of local land or buildings helps communities to thrive and creates long-term resilience for community organisations. There are also many social, economic and environmental benefits that flow from using local spaces to meet community needs.
If we hadn’t had Locality’s support, we’d probably still be talking now!
- Martin Holcombe, Birmingham Settlement 

We help community organisations to take ownership and manage local spaces that are important to your local community like buildings, shops, libraries, swimming pools, pubs, green spaces and more, protecting them for future generations.

How Locality can help

Locality has an excellent track record of helping community organisations take on the challenge of owning and managing land and buildings – creating spaces where everyone belongs, and where lives are transformed.

We can connect you with other community organisations across England who are managing similar spaces – from sports centres, to museums and more.

We also offer advice and support at in three main areas: taking ownership of a space, generating income through a space, and developing a space.

Enquire about support for land/building management

I feel that Locality is approachable, easy to access and local Locality reps are extremely well organised, connected to us and understand the organisation and our community.
- Locality member

Taking ownership through Community Asset Transfer (CAT)

Community Asset Transfer (CAT) is the transfer of management and/or ownership of public land and buildings from the owner (usually a local authority) to a community organisation, for less than market value, to achieve a local social, economic or environmental benefit.

With cuts to public budgets, more local authorities are looking to transfer their buildings and land to the community – from libraries, to parks and even town halls – and government policy has supported this.

The Locality team are specialists in CAT and we have supported community organisations across the country through the CAT process.

We can help you register buildings or land as assets of community value, attend internal Council meetings to discuss approaches, help you negotiate appropriate terms, give governance and business planning support and advise you at each stage of the process.

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Generating income through your local community space

We can help you reduce reliance on grants by using a local space to generate income from rent and paid-for services. You know your community best, and we can help you design the services and support your community needs most.

We can advise on everything from the most appropriate legal structure for trading, to the practicalities of running a café or bar, to sustainable and innovative ways to get the most from a park of woodland.

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Clear and concise, Locality really captured the organisation very well, and has given a framework and some recommendations to follow. Easy for the whole organisation to use.
- St George's, Wakefield

Developing your local community space

If a building has fallen into disrepair, such as a derelict heritage property or overgrown piece of land, it may need development before it can be brought back into community use.

Alternatively, the building could be in good condition, but not suited to your needs or planned activities. For example it may not be accessible, or it might need new lighting or sound systems and different options for using the space.

Locality can support you to access funding for feasibility studies and capital works and can help you with business modelling and business planning for capital projects.

Enquire abour support to develop your local space


If you’re not ready to get in touch with us just yet, you can find out more about community ownership of spaces with our helpful resources.


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