Crossing generations through a celebration of Afro Caribbean culture, St Pauls Carnival is an event where every float, every stage, every performer and every person tells a story - and that story is how music and dance and community can bring people together.

St Pauls Carnival CIC recognises its unique position as an arts organisation that can influence and shape the local community, as well as support the strong, diverse and inclusive groups of people it has represented since its inception. A key legacy component of the Carnival is its community engagement, and specifically  how this has changed over the last year in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic and digital exclusion.

Person specification

You will have a good understanding of the events taking place in Bristol’s past, present and future.  You will have a strong relationship to the values and mission of St Pauls Carnival and a great network within the city. You will also have a deep connection to aspects of cultural life, the dynamics of St Pauls and its relationship to the wider city.

Confident and outgoing, you will enjoy meeting people, finding out what people think about how you can engage them with our work. Focused on outcomes, you will understand the importance of data and be able to monitor and evaluate your work as you deliver this project.

Self-motivated, you will enjoy having scope try new things and will be comfortable bringing your ideas to the table. Working as part of a team, you  will be happy working remotely at times but also being in an office environment on a weekly basis. You will be comfortable managing your time and taking responsibility for planning your workload effectively.

About the role

This role is focussed on engaging with the local community that we represent. As an organisation, St Pauls Carnival has good ties and existing relationships with its current residents and community.

Part funded by St Monica Trust, this role will focus primarily on the implementation of a project on Well Being and Digital Inclusion. The pandemic has been difficult for everyone, particularly those who are more likely to be isolated, unable to engage with the digital technologies that have become so commonplace over the past year.

Socialising is a vital part of well being and this project will fuse an intergenerational approach to build digital skills within older communities through capturing stories and memories of  Bristol’s older generation.

The role will also support the implementation of the organisations community engagement strategy, working closely with key stakeholders in St Pauls, creating new relationships and keeping our communities informed of our work.  Initially  funded for an 8 month period, St Pauls Carnival will seek additional funding for such a pivotal role for the organisation’s work.

How to apply

Applicants should send a CV and use a cover letter to address the job description point by point. This should take up no more than 3 sides of A4. Please include your name and the job role being applied for on each sheet.

Applications should be sent to

Deadline for applications is 5pm on Friday 30th April 2021