Our marketing and partnerships team has radically changed the way we communicate, promote our services and work with others. Responsible for internal and external communications and corporate partnerships this team works across all aspects of our work.
There's an honesty to what you [Locality] do that I don't see in other organisations.
- Locality partner

Working across all areas of the business, it’s a busy team with a wide knowledge of everything Locality does.

The typical activity of the team looks like:

  • Brand campaign work
  • Developing marketing and communications campaigns for new programmes and projects
  • Running events – including our annual convention attended by over 500 amazing community activists creating positive change.
  • Being at the forefront of our digital product offering with My Community and Lighthouse.
  • Developing key external partnerships and leading on our relationships with corporate partners
  • Consulting on contracts
  • Building relationships with key media targets

Creating a fantastic internal communications service that keeps our brilliant staff team connected and feeling part of the Locality family.