Locality works with many partners to help support community organisations to become stronger and more successful.

Our partnership work takes many forms. Whether it be to collaborate on organisational projects, national campaigns, or to come together to deliver major contracts for government.

No matter what, every partnership is agreed on the basis that it will champion the power of community at every level.

Our sector partners

We work with many third sector partners on campaigns and projects. Most recently, we have collaborated on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion with Coops UK, Power to Change, and the Plunkett Foundation. Together, we’re working to make the changes needed to truly reflect the diverse body of community organisations we represent.

Co-operatives UK 

Co-operatives UK logo

Plunkett Foundation 
Plunkett Foundation logo

Power to Change 

Locality membership Partner, and Partner Plus

We work with many organisations as membership Partners, and Partner Plus members who, like us, believe in the power of community. Together, we support Locality members to become strong and successful.

Anthony Collins

We are a law firm led by our clear purpose to improve lives, communities and society, combining expertise with a commitment to supporting you and the community sector. We work with Locality members and community organisations, social enterprises and co-operatives, all over England and Wales. We can work with you on setting up and legal structures, asset transfer, employment issues and community-led housing.

Talk to us or download our Ethical Business Project – a handbook for businesses to find out more.

Bognor Regis Town Council

Bognor Regis Crest

Bognor Regis Town Council takes its responsibility for engaging with local people seriously, aiming to take their views and opinions into consideration when making decisions and ensuring they are well informed about local issues and services that impact them.

The Community Engagement and Environment Committee has a clear strategy to build a strong, involved and integrated community, reflecting the diversity of the Town, including an extended period for public engagement as well as appointing a number of working groups to include community members that tackle local and wider issues important them, such as Beach Access, Climate Change and Youth Provision.

Charity Bank: A bank for the social sector

Charity Bank logo
Charity Bank is the loans and savings bank owned by and committed to supporting the social sector.

Since 2002, Charity Bank has made more than 1,000 loans totalling over £350m to housing, education, social care, community and other social purpose organisations.

Together with borrowers, savers, and shareholders, Charity Bank is working to support change in communities for the benefit of all.


CCIN logo

The CCIN is a Network of UK councils who are driving global public policy development and best practice with a common belief in Co-operative Values & Principles.

We want to reclaim the traditions of community action, community engagement and civic empowerment which can transform communities, and which will help us deliver radical and innovative programmes that are designed, led and delivered in partnership with communities and other sector partners, maximising the social dividend they bring. It has also always been the purpose of the Network to share our developing good practice and to support one another.

Visit councils.coop

East Midlands Community-Led Housing

East Midlands Community Led Housing logo

East Midlands Community-Led Housing is a non-profit organisation, set up to support local people and community groups to build or develop the homes they want across the East Midlands region.

Accredited personnel work to support community-led projects across the housing, property development and local government sectors, working to develop partnerships with community bodies, local authorities, Parish Councils, developers, land-owners, and housing associations.

Its services include start-up and capacity building with new and established groups; assistance with legal incorporations and funding applications; skills development, training and organisation reviews; site assessments and feasibility studies to progress specific proposals; and overall project management of community build schemes.

ECA Community Interest Company

ECA logo

A combined Architecture and Planning practice with a team of highly qualified and experienced Architects and Town Planners established in 2003. ECA Community Interest Company have worked on a diverse range of community planning and design projects in rural and urban communities.

Our projects include design and build of sports pavilions and community buildings, neighbourhood plans, design guides, development briefs and community consultation. We manage substantial regeneration programmes, for clients such as BCP Council.

Martha Covell MRTPI is a ‘Neighbourhood Planning Champion’ for Locality. We are passionate about empowering communities in all aspects of the built environment.

Endsleigh Insurance 

Endsleigh is Locality’s only recommended insurance partner, working together since 2011. We are proud to support a wide range of not-for-profit organisations with expert advice and bespoke insurance solutions.

One Locality member recently said, “My experience of working with Endsleigh has been extremely good. They managed to save us over £4,000 from our renewal with a greater level of cover. I found the insurance process straightforward and the advice has been really clear and helpful.”

Speak to us at your next renewal for a free review and a competitive, no-obligation quote.


Forum logo

Forum’s vision is that people, communities and the voluntary sector have the opportunities, support and services they need to thrive.

Our work across Yorkshire and the Humber is rooted in informing, supporting and influencing; we work with a wide range of voluntary and community sector organisations and individuals to build their capacity.

Our teams use partnership working, leadership, research, training and skills-sharing to empower communities and organisations to increase their social impact and make positive changes. and provide services they need to thrive.

Newcastle City Council 

Newcastle City Council logo

Powerful communities make Newcastle proud, ambitious and proactive in challenging times. They are at the heart of our decision making, shaping plans for the people, place and prosperity of our great city.

We believe that true partnership between the Council and communities inspires everyone to think differently and make change, and that our collective knowledge and skills strengthen the impact we can have on reducing inequalities in the lives of residents.

In working together, we are committed to unlocking the tremendous power of community in Newcastle to secure the very best future for all.

Malvern Hills District Council

Malvern Hills District Council logo

Malvern Hills District Council is committed to building strong, resilient, and sustainable communities. To enable us to do this we are looking to embed asset-based community development into our work, which is an adoption of a person and community-centred approach.

The community’s response to flooding and Covid has shown us first-hand the importance of connected communities, with residents supporting residents, and we want to enhance our relationship with local communities to strengthen those connections further.

This means we will actively look to identify the assets within a community, focussing on ‘what’s strong rather than what’s wrong’ and give support to local people to change things within their communities.

Social Investment Business (SIB)

Social Investment Business logo

Social Investment Business (SIB) provides finance to create fairer communities: we invest, we provide grants and support, and we influence.

SIB believes in the power of community because fairer communities help to create more resilient places. Community anchors help to sustain social infrastructure, which in turn strengthens the social economy at scale, and generates social and financial returns.

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