Last year we kicked-off a market research project to learn more about how our stakeholders thought and felt about us and what our members needed from us.
Honestly if Locality didn’t exist I think we would be lost - we've looked at other support organisations in the past and no one comes close to offering what Locality does.
- Locality member

The work has led to a complete refresh which we’ve just launched today!

Where it all started: your feedback

We collected feedback from 2,245 people. We did our own primary research through surveys, interviews and focus groups, and we also looked at past secondary research done by us and others in the community sector.

We had some lovely feedback

Lots of feedback was given about the value Locality brings to community organisations: “honestly if Locality didn’t exist I think we would be lost – we’ve looked at other support organisations in the past and no one comes close to offering what Locality does”.

We heard lovely feedback about our team: “we’ve built relationships with Locality staff that are really valuable to us that we don’t have with other organisations”.

And we heard that the Locality network is full of inspiring people: “it’s the energy of the members: everyone is motivated by their cause and willing to share learning – no one is just along for the ride”.

We also heard about opportunities to improve

We heard that it wasn’t always easy to understand what Locality offers, or how to access it.

While our prompted brand awareness (people who said they had heard of us) was high at nearly 90%, almost everyone had trouble understanding what Locality actually does.

We heard that “we need clearer messages about what kind of organisation Locality is” and that “people need words that resonate with them and that other people understand”.

We needed to be clearer

The research showed that we were trying to say too many things, in too many different ways and attempting to be all things to all people.

We needed to dig a bit deeper to understand the values and beliefs that sit at the heart of the Locality network.

There is a vibrancy, energy and dynamism in the community sector. The people working in the sector are stepping in to meet an unmet need in their community. They are passionate and optimistic. They create spaces where everyone belongs and where lives are transformed. It’s exciting work!

When we looked harder, we found one core belief that all stakeholders shared – the transformative power of local communities.

This one big idea now sits at the heart of our brand and network – the power of local community.

Two women holding up power of community posters

We’ve transformed to unlock the power of community

Our new look and new offers are all about capturing and unlocking the power of community. Showing just how much can be achieved when local people come together to shape their own futures.

So what’s changed?

We’ve freshened up our entire look. From our old logo, to our new logo:

And from our old website:

To our new website:


We freshened up our branding and language

We’ve refined what we do into four main areas of work:

  1. Peer learning and connection through the membership network
  2. Resources for local people to get involved & create change in their community
  3. Specialist advice and support
  4. Campaigning to create a better operating environment for community organisations

We refreshed our benefits for members

– We’ve split our community member offer into four areas based on what members said they needed most: connection, support, voice and celebration.
– We’ve created two new member offers for organisations that support local communities: a community partner offer and a business offer.

We re-packaged our specialist advice offer

– We have a whole new section on our website dedicated to specialist advice, showing what we offer, broken down into simple categories of support.
– We introduced a discount on specialist advice for our members.

We have a new website

– We’ve streamlined all the website content so it’s easier to understand what Locality does.
– Members now have a dedicated members-only section, where they can access member-only resources, connect directly with each other and sign-up to member only special interest networks.

All the new offers and tools are designed to strengthen and support community organisations to unlock the power in their communities.

As one of the research participants said: “I believe passionately that belonging to, and solidarity in, a geographical community can be positively transformative to both individuals and society”.

We hope our refreshed brand and offers will help achieve just that!