As the Senior Digital Marketing Officer, my main role is to lead on Locality’s websites and digital products. I also support wider marketing projects with other skills when needed.

I’m heading off on maternity leave in June at the most exciting time for digital in Locality. It’s a shame for me, but an incredible opportunity for you, my maternity cover!

Here’s an insight into a recent week of mine in February to get a flavour of the work I’m involved in.


I started at 9.30am today. We have a flexible working policy that means you can start between 8am and 10am. It’s very useful for night owls like me who need at least five alarms to get up in the morning.

The marketing team has a short weekly meeting on Monday to have a catch-up and prioritise our tasks for the week. My day involves working on a paper for the Senior Management Team (SMT) outlining the next two years of the website strategy. It includes a user research phase, user journey mapping, and information architecture testing before we start a two-year development plan.

Illustration shows that good agile includes a rough adaptive plan and architecture.

My next big task is to meet with members of marketing, membership, and services to chat about Salesforce Communities. I’ve been exploring, with members of the services team, how we can integrate better with Salesforce for membership and the rest of the organisation.


The marketing and membership team have a fortnightly meeting every Tuesday. We talk about our priorities and any crossover work we need to work on together.

I catch up on a few tasks today, such as:

  • Creating graphs of data for our director
  • Resizing imagery for our website
  • Working with a designer on a final proof of a poster and postcard for a services contract
  • Working with our external agency on our My Community display ads

Example of a My Community display ad


I have a few meetings in between completing tasks today.

I attend a meeting with the policy team to kick off the Keep it Local work for the year. As a group we thought how we could contribute and integrate plans to help achieve our goals.

I had a chat with Dawn, our Head of Business Development. We talked about ideas going forward, and how a digital strategy can help prioritise work to meet business needs. This was a very exciting chat about how the website can support various areas of the business going forward.

I ended the working day with our all-staff meeting. This weekly meeting is a chance for teams to update the organisation on major projects, successes, or notices. We also include a ten-minute chat in breakout rooms in randomly assigned groups. It’s a great way to catch up with people you don’t usually get to spend time within your day to day job.

Book club – There’s a small group of staff who have set up a book club. We gather on Zoom to chat about the latest book we’ve read and have a bit of a social too.


A weekly chat is scheduled at 9.30am – 10am on Thursdays for all staff to drop in. It’s a lovely way to catch up with colleagues!

Along with Sara, our events officer and Katherine our manager, we attended a demo of an events platform for our annual event, ‘Locality Convention’. If we hold the event online this year, my role will be to manage the branding, content, user journeys, and operations behind the platform.

Screenshot of the Locality unConvention platform from 2020

Thursdays are the marketing team’s strategic planning meeting with our director, Maya. We’re developing our strategies to make a real impact to the organisation and its needs.

I end the day with our marketing team meeting. This week, Kathryn Roper, membership officer, chatted to us about the findings from her user research on Locality members. We have an upcoming member recruitment campaign, and we’ll work with Kathryn to get our key messages on point.


I spoke with our director, Maya to answer some website questions and go over the digital strategy proposal this morning.

A digital strategy framework illustration

Our My Community sprint planning is coming up next week. I look back on what we learned from our user testing sessions and familiarise myself with our goals for the next sprint to prepare for the meeting.

Illustration of maximising value, not output. By Henrik Kniberg

For the rest of the day, I complete various tasks that have been outstanding over the week:

  • Reporting and tracking my invoices
  • Planning our legacy website shutdowns with our external development agency
  • Working with Lewis, our content and media officer, on data protection for case studies
  • Marketing collateral sign off

Finishing off the week

I finish up the week by adding new tasks and rescheduling tasks that I haven’t managed to complete yet. I also send off my timesheet – a very important task.

Now it’s time to spend the evening playing with my two cats, Bramley (Apple), and Crumble.

Photo of two cats

The closing date for this role was 1 March at 10am 2021.