This year’s Locality Awards ceremony took place on 17 November, in the Eastside Rooms in Birmingham – as part of Locality Convention ’21, the biggest community sector event of the year.
"We passionately believe in the power of community to create a fairer, more equitable, more sustainable world. Our award winners are the embodiment of this vision. I am bowled over every day by their creativity, their energy, and by the incredible impact they make in the lives of the people and communities they serve.” - Tony Armstrong, Chief Executive of Locality

The annual Locality Awards recognise and celebrate the incredible impact and innovation shown by community organisations, charities and local authorities across the country.

This year’s nominations were really strong, proving that the power of community is alive and well across the country.

So, with no further ado the winners of the Locality ’21 awards are….

Transforming Lives Award: The Cellar Trust

(c) Alex Brenner

The Transforming Lives Award celebrates a community organisation whose support has had a significant impact on changing local people’s lives.

The Cellar Trust is a mental health charity and social business which has been delivering mental health support to the people of Bradford District and Craven for over 30 years. Cellar Trust won because of the powerful and impressive way they shifted their activities during and post-Covid to ensure continued community support.

Bringing Communities Together Award: Action West London

(c) Alex Brenner

The Bringing Communities Together Award celebrates a community organisation who brings diverse communities/groups together, creating places where everyone belongs.

Action West London is a well-established charity and social enterprise whose mission is changing young people’s and adults’ lives through employment, education and enterprise. They run Acton Street Market for community benefit, providing employment for local people, and won by showing how the market has transformed the square and become an inclusive space.

Enterprising Organisation Award: Moat House Community Trust

(c) Alex Brenner

The Enterprising Organisation Award celebrates a community organisation that has developed a creative business model that makes them successful and financially resilient.

Moat House Community Trust is a community anchor in Coventry run by and for residents who demand sustainable, local services. They won by demonstrating a very ambitious business model focused on income generation to sustain community impact.

Keep it Local Award: Kirklees Council

(c) Alex Brenner

Keep it Local is Locality’s campaign – in partnership with Lloyds Bank Foundation – calling for councils to move away from bureaucratic commissioning and big outsourcing contracts.

This award celebrates an outstanding local authority which has created strong local partnerships with local community organisations and worked in an innovative way to unlock the power of its community.

Kirklees Council won the Keep it Local award because of the strong evidence of the activities they delivered in partnership with the community and innovative use of neighbourhood scale to bring local people into strategic decision making on key issues.

Special Commendations were also given to Back on the Map and Safe Regeneration.