Have you ever been stuck with a knotty issue that you just can't unpick? With the knowledge and skills exchange programme, you can learn new skills and get support from someone who has ‘been there, done that’.
It was great to be able to learn face-to-face ... It was a chance to take time out of the day job and reflect on our own work and how we might learn from one another.
- Mandi, Meadowwell Connected

The knowledge and skills exchange is a networking programme designed to connect you with the people and experience you need.

We’ll match you to people and organisations based on experience, background and interest. You’ll make practical and meaningful connections to help you achieve your goals, find out what works (and what doesn’t!) and get the confidence to feel like “yeah, I can do that!”

We encourage face to face visits, to help you “look up and look out” to identify new opportunities and solutions. The knowledge and skills exchange programme supports one-off exchanges and ongoing peer mentoring, depending on your needs.

The programme is always open – to ensure you can access specific support when you need it. Bursaries are available to help towards associated costs.

Who can apply?

If you’re a community member and your fees are up to date you’re good to go! Not a member? See how you could benefit from a Locality membership.

Is there a bursary available?

We’ll give you up to £500 to help you get the most out of your exchange. This can be used towards travel and accommodation costs, venue hire and catering, a payment for host organisations, the costs of a facilitator, and other associated materials.

To make funds go further we encourage collaboration. Why not see if there’s another member who’d like to team up with you or a couple near each other you’d like to visit?

Setting up the exchange

We’re happy to help you to identify exchange partners, or discuss your idea in more detail.

Get in touch at members@locality.org.uk

Are there any restrictions?

Unfortunately, grants can‘t be used for salaries, bursaries for training courses or seminars, or for the purchase of capital equipment, software or publications.

What do we need from you?

Within four weeks of your knowledge and skills exchange taking place, we require you to submit a short blog with photos for publication on our website. The blog should explain what was achieved along with one or two pictures of your time there. You’ll also need to provide us with a breakdown of how your bursary was spent, backed up with receipts. It’s as simple as that!

Access the programme

There are no deadlines! Applications are continuously assessed, though we cannot guarantee funds will be available at all times.

Complete our simple application form to apply.

Apply to the knowledge and skills exchange programme