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Thursday 19 July, 2018



St John Vianney Parish Centre

386 West Green Road


N15 3QL

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About this event

At our next Community-led housing (CLH) network meeting, some fantastic groups will share their experiences of working on innovative CLH projects with lots of opportunities for Locality members from across the country to share ideas and approaches.

You will also be able to meet Helen Williams, Locality’s new Head of Neighbourhood Planning and Housing, and Zoe Goddard, our CLH Manager, will be giving an update on the new funding programmes and other national support programmes that will be available from the Community Housing Fund.


Tony Wood from StART Haringey:

Tony will be talking about the campaign by St Ann’s Redevelopment Trust (StART), an organisation made up of local people in Haringey who hope to develop genuinely affordable CLH on the former St Anne’s hospital site.

The initial planning permission for the NHS owned site contained just 14% ‘affordable’ homes which was unacceptable to the local community. Since 2015 StART have crowdfunded a community-led masterplan which contains a proposal for twice as many homes (800), over 50% of these to be genuinely affordable housing and a design that maintains the biodiversity of the site and develops opportunities for health and wellbeing activities.

StART have recently had a major success with the London Mayor agreeing to buy the site and promising 50% genuinely affordable homes. The challenge is now to work successfully with the Mayor’s office to ensure that the homes built are owned, managed or stewarded in a manner of the community’s choosing and a successful partnership approach can lead to more CLH opportunities being realised on public owned land. Tony will talk about the group’s successes, lessons learnt and think about what needs to happen next to ensure community ownership. Tony will also offer a walking tour of the site.


Dinah Roake from Brixton Green

Locality member Brixton Green has managed to keep a wide cross section of the community involved in a long term CLH project with over 1,200 Brixton residents as community shareholders.

Dinah would like to discuss with other Locality members ideas about how groups can successfully mobilise communities over long periods of time.

Lambeth Council aims to redevelop part of Somerleyton Road, an important site at the heart of Brixton.  Brixton Green is a community benefit society set up by Brixton residents in 2008 to ensure the homes built will meet the local communities’ needs.

Brixton Green’s aim is for the all the homes to be for rent, with 40% of the homes to have genuine low cost rents and 50% of all the homes will be affordable rents, as defined by the government. Brixton Green are developing a ‘Bible of assumptions’ for their income related rent model and Dinah will share this model with you.

Despite Lambeth previously agreeing to develop the site in partnership with the community, in February the group suffered a major blow. Lambeth Council rejected their community-led approach even though their proposal is financially viable. Lambeth want to set up another subsidiary of the Council’s new wholly controlled development vehicle Homes for Lambeth to develop the site. Dinah will talk about their lessons learnt to date and the challenges that now lay ahead.


Levent Kerimol – Director of Community Led Housing London

Levent Kerimol is the Director of Community Led Housing London, the new CLH enabler hub for Greater London. Before joining the hub, Lev worked for the GLA and helped establish the Mayor’s Small Sites programme – an innovative programme to build homes on small sites with small developers, including CLH schemes.

Lev will be talking about his learning from this programme and insights into how CLH groups can work with LAs to procure smaller public sites for development.


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St John Vianney Parish Centre

386 West Green Road


N15 3QL