Date and time

Tuesday 30 March, 2021


About this event

Locality have been working with Middlesex University to try and understand “good work” – what it means for community organisations and how they are able to provide it.

“Good work” refers to working conditions or job quality. We know that so many of the jobs that have been created over recent years have been insecure, poorly paid and precarious, with much debate about the ‘gig economy’ and the prevalence of zero-hours contracts.

As mission-driven organisations, community organisations should be well placed to provide something different: meaningful and worthwhile work, with secure working conditions, prospects for personal development and the ability to participate in decisions.

But community organisations face huge challenges as employers – many of which have been amplified by the pandemic. Yet, we believe that the current crisis also provides ample opportunity for change. So, Middlesex University have been conducting research with a number of community organisations to understand best practice, and we are developing a “good work” toolkit.

At this workshop you’ll:

  • Learn how community organisations can balance the challenges of the pandemic while seeking to provide “good work” for their staff
  • Hear about the findings from the research project with Middlesex
  • See an early draft of the practical “good work” toolkit we are developing and help us to refine it.

The session will therefore not only help you to think through some of the challenges that you might have as an organisation. It will also help to shape the toolkit to ensure that it will be as impactful as possible for our members.

This event is open to Essentials, Membership Plus, Partner and Partnership Plus members only.

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