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Wednesday 21 April, 2021


About this event

We all know that the climate emergency is one of the greatest challenges we face as a society. This decade will have to be one of urgent action if we are to achieve “net zero” (taking more carbon out of the atmosphere than we are putting into it) by 2030.

But how can communities take action on climate change?

The UK has made great strides over the last decade, reducing the carbon it emits by 30%. This has largely be driven by a shift from coal power to greener fuels.

What comes now is the hard part, getting businesses, individuals and communities to change behaviours and take individual and group action against climate change.

We know that across our membership there is an increasing number of climate related activity. We also know that different community organisations will be at different points in their climate action journeys.

At this event you’ll hear from some great speakers and have the chance to:

  • Learn about Carbon Literacy and taking first steps to understanding Climate Change
  • Hear what members are already doing to take action and find out about opportunities to collaborate
  • Find out about relevant funding activity (e.g. Future Neighbourhoods)

From 2020, Locality has been working with partners to shine a light on local community organisations in London, and provide new opportunities to strengthen and support them.

Funded by City Bridge Trust

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14:00 Welcome and introductions
Leon Osbourne, Locality
14:20 Carbon Literacy: a first step towards understanding the climate emergency?
Peter Watkins, Speak Carbon
14:40 Communities in Action: what are Locality members already doing?
Gus Alston, Stonegrove Community Trust
15:05 The Climate Emergency in London: what plans are there for a Green Recovery?
Presentation about the GLA Green New Deal Recovery Mission
15:15 Q&A
15:30 Close
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