Date and time

Monday 21 September, 2020


In this online workshop we will explore how we can put community organisations front and centre of the coronavirus recovery in the South West. We will discuss a range of approaches to local and regional influencing that can help drive change.

About this event

Locality’s We were built for this research laid out the central role community organisations have played in responding to the coronavirus crisis. The report also called on government to put community power at the heart of the coronavirus recovery and made recommendations for how they can do this.

This session will build on the report’s findings and work with Locality members in the South West to explore how local and regional policymakers can drive a community-powered recovery.

We will explore principles for influencing local and regional policymakers, from combined authorities and local government to Clinical Commissioning Groups and Local Enterprise Partnerships. We will also be sharing new toolkits to support local influencing.

We will use the session to identify opportunities for Locality members to join forces around specific influencing priorities.

This event is open to Essentials and Membership Plus members.

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14:00 Welcome
Welcome and context setting - what we want to achieve through the session
Locality Policy team
14:10 What this means in the South West
Response from Locality members to introductory remarks
Locality Policy team
14:15 Breakout sessions
Split into groups for breakout sessions
14:15 Introductions
Very quick introductions to those in your breakout group - who are you and where you're from
14:20 Discussion
What are the threats and opportunities you've identified in your place? Discussion of the issues you want to influence in the coming months
14:40 Feedback to whole group
14:50 Developing an action plan
Where can you join forces, what are your shared priorities and what are your next steps for influencing in your area?
15:10 Feedback to whole group
15:20 Final thoughts and wrap-up
Locality Policy team
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