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Wednesday 25 May, 2022


About this event

We’ve asked Bird, not-for-profit sector experts in resilience, to help those who lead member organisations protect their most precious asset – themselves!

Workshop 2:  How to Keep your Spark whilst doing Challenging Work 

Being relentlessly confronted with people facing difficult situations can often feel like the cards are stacked against us. Pouring our care and passion into our work can compromise our sanity and health. Keeping our feelings out of the job, on the other hand, we easily tip over into numbness, cynicism, losing sight of the point of it all.

By understanding the neuroscience of compassion fatigue, empathic distress and their relatives, you’ll learn how it is possible to stay deeply engaged and motivated in your work without numbing your feelings or depleting yourself.


  • Attendees understand the symptoms of empathic distress, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma, and why these occur.
  • Attendees learn about a tried and tested alternative to the common dilemma between shut-down or break-down.
  • Attendees learn a simple practice to help them better navigate the emotional impact of their work.

Feel free to bring your sandwiches!

This event is open to members with the Essentials or Membership Plus package.

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