Learn how to make the most of our online platform.

We’ve put together a few hints and tips to make sure you get the most from Locality Convention ’21

Getting set up on the platform

There are a few things you can do to make your experience fantastic.

Make sure your browser and device are compatible

For best results we recommend using Google Chrome or the latest version of Microsoft Edge as your browser:

Ensure pop-ups are not blocked on your browser.

The event website can be accessed on an Android tablet, iPad – or even a smartphone. The following devices and software are supported:

  • iOS 8 and above on any compatible Apple device.
  • Android version 5 and above.
  • Windows phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile.

How to access the event platform

The event platform link will be sent to you in an email.

You’ll be prompted to create an account to sign in. You must use the same email you used to register for the event. Create a password for your account sign in. You must agree to the privacy policy to use the platform.

You’ll be asked whether you would like to be available for:

  • Video meetings
  • Chat messaging
  • Profile to be visible in the app (the platform)

We recommend keeping these settings on to get the most out of your experience. You can change these at any time in your profile.

Complete your profile

Access your profile by clicking on your initials at the top right-hand corner of the window, and go to ‘My profile’.

We recommend you fill in as much information as possible, including a photo of yourself to help you make the most of 1:1 networking.

Don’t forget to click ‘Save’ when you’re finished!

Getting involved in the live plenary sessions

When a plenary session is on, there is a panel on the right-hand side of the video where you can take part in Q&As.


If a Q&A is happening in a plenary session, go to the ‘Q&A’ tab to the right of the plenary stream. You can write your question and submit it.

All questions will be moderated by Locality, so don’t be alarmed if your question doesn’t appear immediately.

You can ‘like’ questions to bump them up the list. The most liked questions will be at the top of the queue.

If there isn’t enough time to answer all questions, we’ll aim to answer them after the event is over.

Getting the most out of the platform

You can do so much more than watching our plenaries on the platform!

Networking: message or video call

Searching for delegates

You can send messages or video call other delegates. Go to ‘Delegates’ in the menu or homepage and scroll or search for the people you want to chat with.

You can also search by keyword, for example, if you want to speak to someone about marketing, type in marketing. If someone has that word in their job title or profile, they’ll appear in your results.

Sending messages and calling 

To send and receive messages or video calls, you must have these enabled in your profile. You will be asked to enable these when you create your account, and you can change these settings in your profile.

Depending on the size of your browser, the video and chat icons may be at the top or bottom of the person’s profile.

If you’re having problems logging into the platform, please email louise.baker@locality.org.uk with the email you registered with and we will do our best to solve your problem.