You can pick one workshop per session, all session are run online.
I wouldn't miss it for the world - it was my first Convention last year and I'm still talking about it!
- Coast and Vale Community Action

Workshop session one:

10:45 Tuesday 16 November

Dealing with thorny governance problems

It is easy to put off dealing with governance problems until they become a crisis. We often delay action because dealing with these issues can be messy.

Issues include difficulties in recruiting new board members, founder syndrome, warfare at board meetings, board members getting involved in operational matters, boards which just rubber stamp decisions which have already been made, and the inability of the chair and CEO to work together.

This session is aimed at senior staff and board members.  It will be interactive and aimed at problem solving, so please come prepared with issues concerning you.

The power of neighbourhood planning in action

With over a thousand neighbourhood plans made, this reflective session will highlight some of the most interesting neighbourhood planning policies and successes.

Whether you’re in the process of making a plan or just starting out, we hope this session will inspire you to create a truly transformative plan for you community.

By the end of this session you will have a greater understanding of the impact a neighbourhood plan can have and a new toolkit of ideas and experiences with which to inform your own plan.

This session will benefit anyone currently preparing or interested in creating a neighbourhood plan.

Pressing concerns: securing media coverage that benefits your organisation and beneficiaries

Join our panel of PR specialists and journalists to discuss how local community organisations can build effective relationships with the press and media.

The aim of this workshop is to equip participants with the skills and confidence to understand when, and how to work with the media – and how to avoid common pitfalls.

This workshop will include expert advice on how to use press coverage to engage key stakeholder – from funders to service users to local councils.

Each participant will receive a mini-toolkit after the event containing top-tips on media engagement for local community organisations.

Diversity in community organisations

As the issues around diversity and inclusion have gained more prominence, many organisations have taken a hard look at what they do and how they can improve their practices. Locality undertook this process last year and we are committed to continuing to learn and adapt.

In this workshop we will share our experiences and look at what community organisations need to do to improve their own practices. We will look at practical steps, culture change, developing knowledge and understanding, personal challenges and action planning.

There will be a focus on internal practices such as recruitment, staff engagement and how these impact on working directly with communities. We will also look at how communities of identity are included in organisations where the focus is often about communities of place.

How can social investment help community organisations?

With Good Finance

Join this workshop to learn more about how social investment can help charities, social enterprises and community businesses make transformational change. If you are exploring social investment opportunities for the first time or are interested in finding out how community organisations have taken on repayable finance to make transformational change, then this workshop is for you.

Hear from Locality members who have already accessed social investment, learn about challenges and opportunities when accessing it, and ask questions in a safe and non-judgemental space.

Keep it Local: supporting a community-powered recovery

The pandemic emergency response saw powerful new partnerships forge between councils and communities. But is this approach being maintained as local areas move into recovery mode?

This workshop will connect community organisations with local authorities from the Keep it Local Network. It will provide concrete examples of how councils are putting communities at the forefront of their recovery strategies, discuss barriers to closer collaboration and how to overcome them and provide members with top tips on how to engage with local authorities.

The word on the street – community organisations and high street regeneration

The pandemic has accelerated a pattern of high street decline reflecting changes in our shopping habits over recent years and there’s never been a greater government focus on high street regeneration than today. But there’s a question over the relevance and the role that community organisations can play to support high street regeneration.

Join this workshop to understand the role that community organisations can play to support the transformation of high streets, including innovative examples from Locality membership and beyond.

How to take digital to the next level, whatever your current level

Wherever you are on your digital journey, this workshop with digital expert Zoe Amar will help you reach the next level.

Zoe will walk you through the key questions you need to ask to reflect and learn from how your organisation has used digital over the last year. These answers will help you lead your organisation towards achieving its digital goals in a sustainable way.
This session will benefit senior leaders and CEOs who feel they need more knowledge and confidence around adopting digital.”

Reinventing heritage assets as part of levelling up opportunities

Working alongside Heritage Trust Network, Locality has been supporting community groups to transform their high streets through heritage. The session will reflect on our key learnings from this work, as well as exploring funding and other opportunities to develop heritage assets which work for the local community.

The interactive session will include insight from a Locality member who will give their practical experiences of planning for and delivering a successful heritage asset. Delegates will also have the chance to ask pressing questions and identify areas of interest for discussion.

Workshop session two:

13:00 Tuesday 16 November


How to present clear financial information to your board

Learn how to present financial information to your board in an effective and compelling way that supports collaboration and informed decision making. Join finance experts to hear stories, share challenges and find solutions.

You’ll learn how to decide what financial information to include, the level of detail required and methods for making the information accessible and engaging.

This workshop will be of use to anyone overseeing the finances of an organisation, from finance managers to Chief Executives.

Community-led housing on the high street

Can community-led housing help bring life back to our high streets?

This session will look at the opportunities and challenges of delivering good quality housing in empty commercial properties.

We will hear and learn from experienced Locality members. We will also consider how housing in empty commercial properties can meet housing needs and boost the wider regeneration of our high streets.

We hope to inspire more members to look for opportunities for providing community-led housing in empty commercial properties. We will also give the essential does and don’ts around community-led housing and empty commercial properties.

This session will benefit anyone currently delivering community-led housing or considering doing so, even if they have never considered empty commercial properties. It will also be of interest to anyone interested in the contribution they can make to a sustainable future for our high streets.

All change (again): the move towards integrating in health and social care

Locality has a strong network of members working in the health and wellbeing sphere. In this interactive workshop, we explore the latest developments in the national health and wellbeing landscape including the move to Integrated Care Systems, and the future of adult social care. We will hear from Locality members and national policy leads on the move towards integration and what that means for community-led health and care approaches.

At the workshop, you will also have the opportunity to share your local experiences and discuss how you can build on the work you have already done to successfully navigate this ever-changing system.

One step beyond – starting out with social impact measurement

Join us at this workshop for small community organisations that are ready to move one step beyond monitoring and take the first steps in measuring social impact.

This is an interactive, introductory workshop. We will take you through some basic principles, give pointers to other resources and help you tell your social impact story.

From offline to online and the hybrid future

The pandemic resulted in the pivoting of many Locality members and other service providers; forced to switch at a time of great need from traditional face to face service provision to delivering services remotely and particularly online.

This workshop will showcase examples of practices that have emerged across Locality’s membership. It will also address the question of whether the pandemic accelerated an inevitable and irreversible increase of online delivery and whether we are prepared for a hybrid future.

What's the future of assets and enterprise?

Join us for an interactive discussion about the future of community assets and enterprise. Community organisations saw asset-related income generation fall dramatically when community facilities closed in 2020, and ongoing pandemic-related challenges raise questions about future use and demand.

In this workshop, we will explore research findings from Locality’s national work on the future of assets and share insight from our members about the opportunities for assets and enterprise in the future.


Introduction to mediation

This workshop is an introduction to different types of mediation and other methods for dispute resolution. Mediation is often used as a generic term and can be confused with arbitration.

There are many different types of mediation. These include civil and commercial mediation, workplace mediation and community mediation – and other methodologies which can be helpful in dealing with disputes.

In this session, we will outline different types of mediation, suggest other options for dispute resolution and provide some principles and techniques which can be more generally applied to your work in the community and within your organisation.  It will be of interest to those who are exploring options to resolve disputes and build consensus.

Understanding your neighbourhood

This workshop will help you to use and generate data and insights about your community to give you a better understanding of your neighbourhood.

For community organisations, this knowledge is helpful for directing their strategy and work can support securing funding and contracts, and can also assist social impact and community engagement work. For wider organisations (local authorities, housing associations etc) robust neighbourhood insights can help shape priorities and tailor needed interventions.

This will be a practical webinar that will help you understand who and what is in your neighbourhood – the strengths, assets as well as the key needs, wants and issues.


Local levelling up: how to access new government streams

In its March Budget, the government announced three major funds as part of its ‘levelling up’ agenda: the Community Renewal Fund, the Levelling Up Fund and the Community Ownership Fund. This workshop will share Locality members’ experiences of attempting to access these funds and provide lessons for how community organisations can be successful in bidding for future rounds of these flagship government funding streams.