These expert-led workshops will help you learn new skills, grow your knowledge, and give you practical tools that you can take back to achieve more for your community.
Wow what a finish!! Thought provoking and emotional convo with an amazing panel. Back to Coventry to carry on building our 'internet of positivity'.
- Coventry University Social Enterprise CIC

Take a look at the workshops you can choose from when you attend Locality Convention ’19!

Tuesday: 12.15pm

Enterprise in adversity 
With Jeff Scales, Head of Services North and Central, Locality

How to deliver a commercially successful community business in areas of disadvantage. Adversity has driven many Community Businesses to levels of innovation which makes the sector so resilient and vibrant. Explore that innovation and the strategies community businesses have used to address what is often a key dilemma.

Responding to the climate emergency – what we can do at the community level
With Paul Chatterton, Professor of Urban Studies, University of Leeds, and Deb Appleby, Neighbourhood Planning Grants Manager, Locality

An opportunity to challenge ourselves, our organisations and each other to act in response to the climate emergency.  Paul Chatterton is a founder/ resident of Lilac (Low Impact Living Affordable Community) in Leeds and has written a plan for the 1.5° city as a challenge to civic leaders and which will form the basis of the workshop.

A community-led housing skills marketplace  
With Elizabeth O’Hara and Helen Nicol, Community-led Housing Development Managers, Locality

Give and get advice from others who are delivering and setting up community-led housing schemes, or providing advice and funding to the sector. Take away new learning whether you are new to community-led housing or have lots of experience!

*FULLY BOOKED* Data, and neighbourhoods: opportunities and challenges for community organisations
With Paul Hassan, Development Manager, Locality

“Big, Open, My, Your?”  These words plus Data are bandied about and often mystify or switch us off particularly when we have many other priorities. We will introduce you to the experience of a community- based organisation and Locality member, Knowle West Media Centre that has been working with data for several years exploring how it can be used to empower and enable communities. We will share what we’ve learnt and collectively guide you through a process to consider practical ways you might use data to engage with your stakeholders and improve understanding of your organisation’s performance.

Starting a community business – from new ideas to delivery
With Stephen Rolph, Head of Community Assets and Enterprise, Locality

Whether you’re starting from scratch or trying to develop new income generating activities for your organisation, get tips, inspiration, and hear lessons from the Power to Change funded Bright Ideas programme.

Navigating the funding maze 
With Jo Williams, Senior Membership Officer, Locality, and Kathryn Roper, Membership Officer, Locality

There’s more to funding than grants and trusts!  Learn how to increase your chances of funding success and de-bunk the myth that social finance is only for the brave. Leave this practical, interactive workshop with a handy resource to help assess potential with your Board, demonstrate social impact and submit winning applications.

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I’m full of energy and motivated following being surrounded by good people doing great work.
- St Albans Community

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Tuesday 2.45pm

The future for place-based health: an opportunity for community-led health models? 
With Meena Bharadwa, Development Manager, Locality, and Ruth Breidenbach-Roe, Policy Manager, Locality

Learn from Locality members involved in local health and social care partnerships through community-based GPs, neighbourhood networks and commissioned services. Take part in a panel discussion with experts about future opportunities for community-led models of health.

Partners in place 
With Ed Wallis, Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Locality

Learn how community anchor organisations can maximise their unique role in tackling social challenges and work collaboratively to create thriving neighbourhoods.

Consortium, Consortia… what’s in it for you? 
With Debbie Lamb, Development Manager, Locality

Smaller providers feel they cannot compete with Nationals for large multi-million-pound contracts; that’s not the case and a consortium partnerships of local providers can deliver better-informed services for local people. This workshop explores how you can lead or be involved in one with the aim of “the sum becoming greater than the parts with each partner playing to their strengths”. You will hear about strong local relationships, good decision-making, and successes.

*FULLY BOOKED* Measuring social impact: what works? 
With Dave Ahlquist, Development Manager, Locality

There’s a confusing array of tools and techniques out there that aim to help us measure our social impact. Drawing on real-life examples, comparing different approaches and using practical examples this workshop will help you define the approach that is right for you. We’ll also look at how to make the case for social value in local commissioning, drawing on learning from our Keep it Local campaign.

So you have a historic building, now what? 
With Mick McGrath, Development Officer, Locality

Get practical advice on how to survive and thrive with a historic building. Explore opportunities and challenges, and how to run, improve and maintain your historic building based on the experiences of expert speakers. Would they do it again based on what they know now?

*FULLY BOOKED* Improve your wellbeing for more effective leadership
With Graham Finegold, Director of Finance & Resources, Locality

We know that leading a community organisation often comes with a heavy workload, and stressful situations can take their toll. We’re not superheroes (unfortunately!), and we all need tools and tips to help us cope when our jobs feel overwhelming. Come and explore this crucial, and often overlooked issue, in a safe space.

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Heartbreaking but inspiring to hear about the obstacles people working in their local communities overcome yet keep going!
- Chance Glass H Trust

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Wednesday 10.30am

Achieve more by putting local people at the heart of your marketing 
With Jenny Steele, Senior Digital Marketing Officer, Locality, and Katherine Newbigging, Digital Marketing and Communications Manager, Locality

Save time and resources with simple and easy techniques to understand what members of your community really want. A new marketing workshop that will help you learn how to get direct input from local people and give you new tools to transform your marketing techniques.

*FULLY BOOKED* How to present clear financial information to your board 
With Csaba Prodan, Head of Finance, Locality, and Graham Finegold, Director of Finance & Resources, Locality

Learn how to present financial information to your board in an effective and compelling way that supports collaboration and informed decision making. Join finance experts to hear stories, share challenges and find solutions.

Engaging the wider community
With David Moynihan, Head of Services, Locality

Good community engagement helps to draw on a wider base of knowledge, skills and lived experience within your community, and improves the relevance and responsiveness of your services. Learn successful practical strategies to more meaningfully engage your wider community and under-represented groups in your work.

Board games: governance rules and reality
With Hugh Rolo, Development Advisor, Locality

Working effectively with your board, when things are going well and not so well! Lessons from the field, getting the balance of power right, and board responsibilities in difficult times.

Rebalancing the power 
With Ruth Breidenbach-Roe, Policy Manager, Locality

Hear how local authorities and community organisations can drive a radical new localism agenda. Learn from the findings from our Localism Commission action-research and how you can strengthen the power of community in your area.

How to save and operate a sustainable space with community ownership
With Stephen Rolph, Head of Community Assets and Enterprise, Locality

Learn about how you can save a space, transform it, and manage it well for the benefit of your community. We’ll be talking about everything from keeping costs down to maximising your income. Discuss challenges and solutions with groups who are doing it successfully.

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