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Areas of work
Education & Employability
Health & Wellbeing
Trident works to achieve a proud, healthy, active and welcoming community where families thrive. To do that we engage, inspire and enable people to work together to: • Develop skills and enterprise • Improve health and wellbeing • Enhance the environment • Celebrate the community

Services offered to the public

  • Managed Business space
  • community hall hire
  • training rooms
  • meeting rooms
  • hot desks
  • Better Start Bradford (National Lottery Funded) partnership
  • Healthy Lifestyles Project
  • Operation and management of Parkside Sports Centre
  • Community Development service
  • Park Lane Childrens’ Nursery
  • Enterprise Support & Development service.
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The collective voice of Locality is informed and strong, it serves our community well.

Trident has been a member of Locality for many years as we value the advice, inspiration and support of our fellow members and the Locality team. Being able to benchmark our progress against our peers and share good practice are benficial. The collective voice of Locality is informed and strong, it serves our community well.

Networking with Locality members

Our Better Start Bradford partnership has forged strong links with the local Voluntary Sector organisations, Local Authority, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Hospital Trusts and Police. The frank discussions held are beginning to show signs of positive outcomes for the district. We support our urban parish council and they help guide our work, it is an interesting relationship. I’d like to learn more from fellow Sports Centre operators, I feel we have more to learn in this arena.

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