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Areas of work
Education & Employability
Health & Wellbeing
Housing & Homelessness
Retail & Catering
We provide services for the local community to build resilience and cohesion, and offer opportunities to improve the health and wellbeing of vulnerable people and those experiencing social or economic disadvantage.

Services offered to the public

  • Support into employment
  • a hub for those suffering or recovering from poor mental health
  • a hot meals service for rough sleepers
  • support to people with dementia
  • a diverse range of physical activities
  • an after-school club
  • volunteering support
  • support to unpaid carers
  • space for hire
  • a community cafe
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Networking opportunities with similar organisations, peer support, learning opportunities, giving a voice to the sector

Networking with Locality members

To learn from other organisations that have faced similar challenges to ours, and to share our experience where that might prove useful to others.

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