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Locality's a terrific organisation that really helps put the work we do and the issues we face on the map"
- New Wortley Community Association

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please get in touch at – we’ll be happy to help.

You can also refer to our full membership Terms and Conditions.

Joining the network

Who can join the Locality Membership Network?

Our Essentials and Membership Plus membership packages are for locally-focused, independent community organisations.

The Network package is for community organisations, groups and individuals who want to stay in touch and support our campaigns but can’t sign up to the full benefits of paid membership.

Partner and Partner Plus packages are for organisations who work with community organisations like councils, housing associations, sector support organisations, funders, universities, health trusts, national charities and corporate businesses.

Is my organisation a ‘community organisation’?

A community organisation is an organisation that directly delivers services which have broad community impact. It is:

  • locally focussed
  • accountable to the local community
  • independent.

If your organisation:

  • operates over a wider geographical area, such as regionally or nationally;
  • is a non-independent branch of a parent organisation; or
  • exists primarily to support other community organisations;

then please look at our Partner or Partner Plus packages.

How can I become a Locality member?

Go to our membership for community organisations or membership for other organisations page. Fill in the quick and easy online application form for the package you select and let us know you agree with our Value Statement for community organisations, or for other organisations.

How long is the membership application process?

You can apply online – it’s quick and easy and should only take five minutes.

If you select our Network package, we’ll approve your free membership immediately.

For all other packages, we’ll get back to you within two working days with a link to pay your membership fee online.

How much does Locality membership cost?

It depends on the package you choose:

Why have membership categories and fees changed?

We’ve revised our membership model to provide more flexibility, with tailored options and the opportunity to buy ‘add on’ services when needed. We’ve made membership easier and clearer, with more opportunities to get advice and make connections, to create a real sense of belonging. We’ve also moved away from tiered charges based on turnover to simple flat fees as members thought it fairer.

What if my organisation can’t pay online?

If you can’t pay online, get in touch with us at and we’ll be happy to help.

Can we join and pay in advance for more than one year?

Yes, and you’ll benefit from a 10% discount too! Just select the two-year membership box on our application form.

Who do I talk to if I have a question about membership?

If you haven’t yet joined or want to refer someone to us, please call Kathryn on 07818 570 192 or at

If you’re a Network, Essentials, or Partner member, contact Laura in the membership team at

If you’re a Membership Plus or Partner Plus member Laura will also be happy to help, or you can contact your Locality Advisor.

Accessing benefits

Who can join the Locality members-only Facebook Group?

The Facebook members group is open to staff and trustees from any Locality member.

How does the member advice service work?

The Locality member advice service is available to Essentials, Membership Plus and Partner members. Contact us by email at or by phone during office hours on 0207 336 9494.

If you need more in-depth help, you’ll be referred to one of our advisors who’ll arrange an introductory chat with you.

Can my colleagues or board members come to member-only events or join specialist groups?

If you have Essentials, Membership Plus or Partner membership, yes!

If you’re a Network member you can buy tickets for member events – just book and pay for the number of places you need. You’ll need to upgrade your membership if you’d like to join a specialist group.

Who is our Locality Advisor?

If you are a Membership Plus member, we’ll match you to the most appropriate member of our specialist team. They’ll be your first port of call if you need help. If you’ve chosen Partner Plus, you’ll have a Relationship Manager to guide you.

Can we access more benefits by upgrading our package mid-year?

If you are a community organisation you can upgrade your membership once within each membership year. To do so, contact us at

Any remaining annual fees paid will be pro-rated and credited against the annual fee for the new package selected. The new package will commence from the first day of the following month.

Please note, the hands-on crisis support offered through Lifeboat in the Essentials and Membership Plus packages are only available once you have held paid membership for 12 consecutive months.

What are ‘add-on’s and how can we buy them?

We want to make sure the support we provide is flexible, as we know your needs might change. You can buy some benefits not available in your package as and when you need them.

In some cases, you might find it better value to upgrade to a package that includes the benefits you need.

How can I access the member-only area of your website?

All members can access a ‘hidden’ area of our website via the log in button in the top right-hand corner of the site.

To register, you’ll need your membership number (found in your welcome email and on your monthly edition of Member Only Mail) and the email address you joined with.

Note: Each member organisation has just one login to the members-only section. So be sure to share the login details with the rest of your organisation so they can use it too.

What are peer learning grants and what do they cover?

Peer learning grants are available as part of the Essentials and Membership Plus packages.

Unfortunately, grants can‘t be used for salaries, bursaries for training courses or seminars, or for the purchase of capital equipment, software or publications.

Applications are continuously assessed, though we cannot guarantee funds will be available at all times.

We’re happy to help you to identify exchange partners, or discuss your idea in more detail. Get in touch at

How do we get involved in Locality’s policy work?

All members receive invitations to support or take part in our national campaigns. From time to time we’ll also invite selected members to take part in responses to consultations that directly influence our work with national local government. Contact the team at

How do I sign my colleagues up for newsletters?

Our membership packages cover your whole organisation. You’ll get details of how to sign your colleagues up to our exclusive members-only mail in your welcome pack.

Can I access previous newsletters?

Yes. Just log in to the members-only section of the Locality website. You’ll find archived newsletters, policy updates and information from member-only events.

Do we have AGM voting rights?

Essentials or Membership Plus members get voting rights (one member, one vote) and can self-nominate to stand for the Locality Board when vacancies arise. Members who have selected other packages are unable to vote or stand.

Renewals and cancellations

How do we pay our annual membership fee when it’s time to renew?

On your membership anniversary, your main point of contact and your nominated finance contact will receive an email with an invoice attached.

If you are paying by Direct Debit this is for information only and no action is required.

If you are paying your invoice by BACS or Credit/Debit card you will need to pay within 30 days to retain access to membership benefits.

We chose free Network membership. Do we need to renew?

You won’t receive an annual  renewal notice, but from time to time we’ll but we will send you a link to update your details to ensure that:

  • contacts are up to date;
  • your group or organisation is still operating and interested in our work.

We reserve the right to cancel your free Network membership package if we receive no response after a reasonable time.

I can no longer attend a member event I have paid for. How can I get a refund?

If you need to cancel your booking, the following charges usually apply:

  • cancellation one week before event: no charge, full refund;
  • cancellation less than one week before event: 50% of ticket price will be refunded;
  • cancellation on the day or no-show: no refund.

To request a refund in accordance with the above you must notify us in writing by email to

How do I cancel my membership?

Please notify us in writing by email at

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