Link up with the people, support and know-how you need.
Locality gives us something to say about who we are at national level. It's a quality assurance badge in your corner - if youre a member of Locality that stands for something.
- Barca Leeds

As soon as your membership is confirmed you can start accessing benefits. We’ll send a link to our welcome pack, which you can download and share with your colleagues to make sure they know all about Locality too.

You’ll also get to download the Locality members’ logo. Pop it on your noticeboard, use it on your letterhead or website, or post it on social media to let people know your organisation believes in the power of community.

1. Get started

Create your online member profile and log in to the members-only section of our website.

Explore members-only content and check you know about all of your member benefits.

Remember Locality membership is for your whole organisation – staff, volunteers and trustees.

2. Get answers

Sometimes you might need some help, information, or an introduction to a fellow member who understands what you’re going through and can share experience, tips and know-how.

All members can get help from others via our members-only Facebook group.

Members with the Essentials or  Membership Plus package can also use our friendly member advice service. Get your questions answered directly or be signposted to other members or Locality expert advisers who can help.

Contact us by email at or by phone during office hours on 0207 336 9494.

3. Get connected

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Use our member directory (accessed with your login) to discover and connect with fellow members – why not ask a question, share a resource, or plan a visit?

4. Get involved

Don’t miss our national and regional meetings and events. Hear from your peers and other experts, as well as contribute your own experiences and ideas.

Check our events page for details.

Locality Convention is the biggest community sector event of the year and is held every November.

Our Convention is the annual gathering of people who believe in the power of community. Expect three days of talks, workshops and visits that will leave you motivated and inspired, with your batteries recharged!

5. Get a grant to learn

We offer all Essentials and Membership Plus members up to £500 to learn online from another member t. It’s a great chance to unpick problems and learn from people who’ve done what you want to do!

Not sure where to go? Talk to us! We’ll match you with someone who can help.

We also offer occasional bursaries and international study visits, we’ll let you know when these happen.


Get in touch at

Not yet a member and wondering why not?
Contact Kathryn at or call her on 07818 570 192.

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