The Locality membership network is made up of hundreds of community organisations that create spaces where  lives are transformed.
"Locality is so much more than the sum of its parts. The network provides advice from people who understand but it also promotes action, provides encouragement and tells me I'm on the right track – priceless!"​ Locality member

Our membership network helps community organisations to be strong and successful. Through shared advice and connections, we create a real sense of belonging.

Together we motivate and inspire each other to unlock the power of local communities.

There are now over 1300 Locality members across the country all supporting people in their local area – and each other!

Unlocking the power of community

For over 100 years, we’ve worked with community organisations to achieve a shared vision of a fair society where every community thrives.

Locality membership gives you advice, connections, and the inspiration to make things happen.

We link you up you with hundreds of other people like you, to spread ideas and share what works.

We make sure people outside your community hear about your work, from funders to think tanks, all the way to Whitehall.

As a collective we are powerful. No one wants you to succeed more than us.

Our network values

We are:

  • ambitious: we will push ourselves to do better and achieve more, think creatively and inspire others;
  • respectful: we will constantly think about the impact of what we do, take a friendly approach and hold ourselves to high quality standards;
  • fearless: we will be confident in stating our case, pressing for positive change and holding people to account in a constructive and solution focused way.
Honestly if Locality didn’t exist I think we would be lost. ... No one comes close to offering what Locality does." St Albans  Community Association

The way we work

Any organisation or group that shares our values can become a member.

We’ve learnt that adopting the following principles delivers the best impact for communities and encourage all members to do the same:

  • involve local people in the decisions that affect them;
  • develop a business model with multiple sources of income;
  • offer a wide range of different services depending on what their community needs;
  • create and redistribute wealth, providing opportunities by employing local people, using local supply chains, and investing surplus in services;
  • bring people together and collaborate with other local groups and organisations.

Becoming a Locality member

Be part of a powerful national network working together for a fairer society.​

Link up with the people, support and know-how you need.​

We provide flexible support and offer a number of membership packages. Members can also buy add-on services as and when they are needed.

Find out which membership package is right for you and apply to join quickly and easily online.

If you’re an independent local community organisation delivering services your community needs:

Membership for community organisations

If you’re a public, private or national/regional organisation:

Membership for other organisations

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