The Locality membership network is made up of hundreds of community organisations that create spaces where everyone belongs and where lives are transformed.
"Honestly if Locality didn’t exist I think we would be lost. ... No one comes close to offering what Locality does."
- Locality member 

Our membership network helps community organisations to be strong and successful.

By pooling knowledge, experience and tools we build a better understanding of what works. Together we motivate and inspire each other to unlock the power of local communities.

There are over 600 Locality members across the country all supporting people in their local area – and each other!

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"I value the membership more each year."
- Royds Community Assoc.

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If you believe in the power of community to create a fairer society, we’d love you to join us!

  • Locality will give you advice, tools, and the inspiration to make things happen.
  • We link you up you with hundreds of other people like you, to spread ideas and share what works.
  • We make sure people outside your community hear about your work, from funders to think tanks, all the way to Whitehall.
  • As a collective we are powerful. No one wants you to succeed more than us.

There are three different types of Locality membership depending on what type of organisation you are.

If your organisation…

Is a local community organisation, you can become a Locality community member.

Works with community organisations, you can become a Locality community partner

Is from the private sector, you can become a Locality business member.

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