Whether you’re a council, housing association, health commissioner, sector support body or university, if you believe in the power of community, Locality community membership is for you!
One of the best things is access to a fantastic and widespread network of like-minded people and organisations who are all pushing boundaries and achieving.
- Locality member

Community partners work with locally led community organisations to create the services communities need most in spaces where everyone belongs.

As a Locality community partner member, we’ll help you connect with community organisations to transform lives in your local area.

You’ll get the advice and tools to increase your impact and meet with people who know how to bring about real change. You’ll get cost-effective, practical ways to solve problems and opportunities to shape national policy in our national campaigns.

With a Locality community partner membership, you can:

Become a community partner

Get support – advice and specialist help to help you work with your local communities

Many organisations choose to retain Locality to assist with specialist issues such as community asset transfer, local service transformation and community-led housing. As a Locality community partner member, we’ll put your needs first and offer discounted rates.

As a community member you can get:

  • Phone support from our experts who can offer you up to 20 minutes of their time to help you with complex problems.
  • £200 off your first booking of two or more days of specialist advice with our highly experienced regionally based Locality specialist advisors

Become a community partner

Connect with the right people – great ways to learn, share ideas and meet the people you want to work with

Our members do amazing things! There are a huge variety and a great wealth of experience across our 600+ membership network. Good practice examples, tips and ideas – our network shares them all. Problem solve with people who understand online, by phone or in person at our events.

As a community member you can:

  • Come along to one of our members-only events, or take advantage of discounted members’ tickets for our annual Convention
  • Join our specialist networks like community asset transfer, local service transformation and community-led housing to get peer support and expert help.

If you’d like more information about the specialist networks, get in touch and we can tell you a bit more about what you could get up to. Just email joinus@locality.org.uk

Become a community partner

Have your say – opportunities to shape policy priorities, campaign and contribute to research

You can campaign with and for our members to make sure local and national policy better reflects the needs of communities (and those working with them). We use evidence from our members to lobby decision makers and respond to consultations to make changes on what matters most to our members.

As a community member you can:

Become a community partner

Get recognised – we’ll champion your actions and let others know your value

It’s good to share! As part of our membership network, you’re able to show how much you value working with communities by letting others know of your success.

As a community member you can:

Become a community partner

Apply to become a Locality community partner

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When you become a Locality community partner, you must agree to the community partner charter. As a community partner, you must agree to the Locality Charter.

Locality membership isn’t a personal membership, it covers your entire organisation, so all your staff can take advantage of membership!

If your organisation is not for profit, your membership fee is £250.

If you’re an unwaged individual, your membership fee is £100.

Membership fees are paid yearly, on the anniversary of your joining date.

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Just fill in our short application form and get ready to start taking advantage of your Locality community partner membership! Once you submit your form, we’ll get back to you within three working days.

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