The Locality network stretches across England bringing communities together to learn from each other and transform lives. Working with businesses helps create economic stability, promotes local employment opportunities and provides ways to share skills and offers that add value to all.
We want to be here year in, year out, to keep our ear to the ground and find out what are the core challenges of the third sector.
- Matt Balmforth , Endsleigh Insurance

Business members are corporate organisations and sole traders who demonstrate their belief in the power of community by providing resources and services that help communities thrive.

As a national network of community organisations, Locality members reach hundreds of thousands of local people every week. You can connect with the organisations that can promote services, offers and vacancies to the people you need to reach. Locality members know how to demonstrate the value you’ve added and we know how to promote it.

Through our bespoke Partnership Plus programme we’ll give you opportunities to work directly with trusted organisations through fundraising, volunteering and other positive action.

When you become a Locality business member, you must agree to the business charter.

Locality membership isn’t a personal membership, it covers your entire organisation so all your staff can take advantage of membership!

Corporate organisation, your membership fee is £500.

Sole trader, your membership fee is £250.

For partnership plus membership, you’ll pay the rate above, along with a fee based on your additional requirements.

Membership fees are paid yearly, on the anniversary of your joining date. We offer discounts for multi-year payments.

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With a Locality business membership, you can:

Connect with the right people

Build a better understanding of your local community and offer direct support to a community organisation of your choice.

As a business member, you can:

  • Network with the right people from community organisations at member-only events
  • Contact the right person at our member organisations with access to our member directory
  • Directly invest in a community organisation!
    Your membership fee allows you to choose one community organisation to receive a free locality community membership for one year.

Promote your organisation to the sector

Let your customers know your values by publicising your commitment. We’ll help you show you care about communities

As a business member, you can:

  • Exhibit at the biggest sector event of the year – Locality Convention!
    You’ll get a special exhibitor rate as a member, and meet over 500 amazing individuals, funders, councillors and more from some of the most creative communities across England.
  • Sponsor a Locality award
    You’ll get a discounted rate as a business member to sponsor an award at our glittering annual Locality Awards ceremony, to show you believe in the power of community. You may even get a mention in the press!
  • Use the Locality member logo to show you care
    You can use it your marketing materials and website to show that you believe in the power of community and believe in creating a fairer society.

Partnership plus – make your business membership go further

Partnership Plus is an additional option for a business member where you can receive additional bespoke services based on your requirements.

If you’re interested in a Partnership plus membership, we’ll book in a time with you to chat about your requirements, so that you can get exactly what you need.

Take a look below at just some of the opportunities we can create for you with Partnership Plus.

Giving back – volunteering and training opportunities for your staff

We’ll help you arrange staff volunteering days with local organisation’s to ‘give back’ to your community. We can also help arrange secondments to help your staff develop new skills in different environments. Whatever your need, we’ll match you to members of our network of community organisations across the country

Grow your team – we’ll help you find the right candidate

Keeping money and resources within the local economy helps communities and businesses thrive. If you’re looking for local staff, our member organisations can help you reach and identify them. They can provide premises for interviews, advertising that works and much more.

Bounce an idea around with a specialist – we’ll set you on the right path

If you’ve got a plan, an idea or just want an opinion on how your business can work with local communities, just give us a ring or drop us a line. We’ll find a way to help that works for you, our member organisations and their communities.

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Just fill in our short application form and get ready to start taking advantage of your Locality community membership! Once you submit your form, we’ll get back to you within three working days.

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