Lighthouse will help you understand your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can take steps to become more resilient.
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Because we work with community organisations every day, we’ve learned how to accurately diagnose an organisation’s resilience and short-term sustainability.

We know how to build that resilience in a way that is practical and effective, addressing specific issues, and overcoming complex problems.

How Lighthouse works

Lighthouse is an online tool to be completed collaboratively by staff and Board members. It guides you through a series of questions around six key business areas.

After submitting your answers, you’ll receive a report containing two sections which show:

  1. how your community organisation is performing against six pillars of sustainability;
  2. a short-term sustainability report on your community organisation’s strengths and weaknesses.

What are the six pillars of sustainability?

1. Structure   
Do you have the structure, processes and management systems you need?

2. People   
Do you have the leadership, skills and experience you need?

3. Finances  
Do you have enough resources to maintain operations and invest for the future?

4. Business model 
Is your business model clear, deliverable and sustainable?

5. Relationships  
Are your relationships with your community and stakeholders effective and constructive?

6. Culture   
What are your approaches to innovation and change, customer service, support for staff and volunteers and wider community involvement?

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Lighthouse for Essentials and Membership Plus members

We know that with the help of Lighthouse your organisation can grow stronger and more successful, which is why the tool is free for Essentials and Membership Plus members.

Our national team of specialist advisors work with members to fulfil the role of mentor, critical friend and honest broker. We include a remote review of your Lighthouse report by a member of this team in our Membership Plus package.

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