No one wants you to succeed more than we do. But we know it’s not always easy to spot the warning signs before a crisis hits, and even harder to keep afloat if it does. Don’t worry. We’ve got our members covered!
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Spot the warning signs before a crisis hits

As a Locality member, the Lighthouse tool is free to use!

The Lighthouse online diagnostic tool will assess your organisation’s sustainability and reliability so that you can take preventative action to stop a crisis happening.

Why you should use the Lighthouse tool

Once you’ve answered the questions on Lighthouse, you’ll get your report immediately. The first part of your Lighthouse report will summarise your organisation’s current health and resilience status, and the second part of your Lighthouse report focuses on your organisation’s short-term sustainability.

Your report will highlight any areas of weakness in your organisation so that you can take the steps needed to stop your organisation from going off course.

How it helps your organisation

Your Lighthouse reports are stored in your account so that year on year, you can see what difference your actions have made over time.

By using your report to make positive changes to your organisation, you will be ensuring your organisation’s resilience and sustainability for the future.

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