Our specialist advisors help organisations experiencing serious financial difficulties, structural weaknesses and relationship problems keep afloat with hands-on support. 
"The team were always willing to help, offer advice and generally be bothered with every little question or query. I don't know what we would have done without them to be honest."
- Locality member

Who’s eligible for Lifeboat support?

Lifeboat offers expert and confidential financial advice and support to any Locality community member who has been with us longer than a year.

If you’re worried about your organisation’s situation Locality’s Lifeboat service can help you.

Even if you don’t meet this criteria, we urge members facing difficulties to get in touch as there may be other ways we can help. And the sooner we know about a problem, the easier it is for us to help.

What support does Lifeboat provide?

Lifeboat can help Locality community members experiencing serious financial difficulties, structural weaknesses and relationship problems.

As part of Lifeboat support, you will receive expert advice and a strategy to help turn your situation around. Every situation that Lifeboat supports is different, which is why Lifeboat is a personalised service tailored to your organisation’s needs.

If you think you may need Lifeboat support, we can answer your financial questions over the phone, by email, or visit you in person to discuss your situation.

Avoid having to use Lifeboat

Lifeboat is for organisations in crisis, but Locality members can use Lighthouse for free to help you spot the problems before a crisis hits.

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