We make sure people outside your community hear about your work, from local and central government to political parties and funders.
Joining Locality is the way forward ... you learn that what each member has, collectively, is the power – the power to change everything.
- Amelia Bilson, Middleport Matters Community Trust

As a member, you’re at the heart of our policy priorities and actions. Your experience and knowledge shape our policy work so that decision makers, government, and policymakers make decisions based on your hard work.

You have the power to make changes at a local and national level.

Shape policy priorities and action

Using evidence from our members we’ll lobby decision makers and respond to consultations and offer opportunities for you to contribute to our influencing work.

Stay in the loop and in the spotlight

You’ll be invited to attend policy events, be kept up-to-date with our regular policy updates, and you’ll get the opportunity to be showcased in the media through our influencing and campaign work.

Be part of major campaigns

You can take part in national campaigns to remove barriers to your success. There are lots of opportunities to get directly involved in crucial campaigns that matter to our membership network, like Keep it Local, and Save our Spaces.

Get local support

You can influence your local authority as a member. We’ll put you in touch with others who’ve been successful and give you local campaigning toolkits. You can also take part in peer-to-peer learning through member-led policy networks that help influence our work and priorities.

Contribute to agenda-setting new research

We provide thought leadership and new research on the issues that matter to our membership network – from public service reform to community ownership. As a member, you’ll be invited to take part in major research projects which share good practice and influence policymaking.

Become a Locality member

As a member you’ll get the help you need to be stronger and more successful.

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