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Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood planning helps local people shape the future of their area

Through neighbourhood plans and neighbourhood development orders, neighbourhood planning gives communities statutory powers to shape how their area develop.

What is a neighbourhood plan?

A neighbourhood plan is a document that sets out planning policies for your area and can:

  • Protect local green spaces;
  • Encourage better designed places;
  • Bring forward housing that genuinely meets local needs.

It’s written by the local community and helps get the right types of development, in the right place.

What is a neighbourhood development order?

A neighbourhood development order grants planning permission for the development you want to see in your area. The permission can be for building houses and community facilities or for alterations across your area (e.g. encouraging housing through giving permission to change the upper floors of shops to flats).

What support is available?

We have all the support you need if you want to prepare a neighbourhood plan or neighbourhood development order. This includes access to grants and technical work packages. Head over to our dedicated neighbourhood planning website to find out more. You will find a host of toolkits there too.