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Join us at the Local Government Association conference

Locality's CEO Tony Armstrong is speaking at the Local Government Association conference on Tuesday 4 July at 6.30pm.

You can read more about the session below, and find out more on the LGA website.

Learning from neighbourhood planning and community led housing to engage communities in sustainable popular development

Tuesday 4 July, 18:30 - 19.30

Purbeck Bar, Bournemouth International Centre

This session will explore how local authorities can better engage local people and support their communities to develop neighbourhood plans and see the realisation of their aspirations for more affordable housing, enhanced green spaces and to mitigate climate change. It will look at how neighbourhood plans can promote sustainable development goals and explore how local authorities can aid the delivery of community led housing and energy projects that are championed by local people.

The session is sponsored by Nationwide Foundation and hosted by Locality, who run a national network of local community organisations and provide support and consultancy to community organisations, funders and local authorities.


Patrick Wilson, Chairman, Pewsey Community Land Trust, who are working with the local authority to deliver the housing the village needs, through community engagement, community-led housing and a neighbourhood plan.

Samantha Banks, Strategic and Neighbourhood Planning Manager, Herefordshire Council, on how to get more housing supported and built, based on lessons from 115 neighbourhood plans and many community led housing schemes they’ve supported across Herefordshire.

Tony Armstrong, Locality, a national charity who support local community organisations to help their communities, including running the Government funded neighbourhood planning support programme and providing consultancy to community organisations and to local authorities.