Our Chief Executive, Tony Armstrong, has responded to the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak’s, cost-of-living support package, announced on 26 May:

“The support announced today is both welcome and necessary. In recent months, we have heard heart-wrenching stories of the impact of the cost-of-living crisis from community organisations across the country. Foodbanks and other support services have seen a rapid uptick in demand. People have been resorting to dangerous measures such as turning off fridges and taking high risk loans.

But the Government must also act to reduce costs for the community organisations who are spearheading the emergency response on the ground. These organisations, who held communities together during Covid, are being stretched beyond capacity while struggling to keep going due to rising costs. In fact, Locality members have told us that for them the financial impact now is “worse than Covid”. We need this first line of defence more than ever if our communities are going to come out stronger from this crisis.”

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