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Our influencing work

We work with our members to put community power at the heart of public policy.

Community organisations have crucial answers to the big challenges we face. So whether it's backing the We're Right Here campaign led by a group of community leaders, or encouraging local authorities to Keep it Local, our campaigns push for national and local policy to unlock the power of community, rather than standing in the way.

How we support

There can be no doubt that we live in difficult and certain times. But at Locality, we believe we have a huge source of hope at our disposal – the power of community.

There is a vast reservoir of ideas, skill, innovation, passion, local knowledge and long-term commitment that lives in our neighbourhoods. By creating strong and successful community organisations, we can unlock this power and provide solutions to the big economic, social and environmental challenges we face.

But too often, community organisations are doing incredible work in spite of the system. Our policy, research and campaigning work aims to change that. By working with our members across the country, we seek to show the potential of community power and the policy change needed to get there.

We believe there are four key areas which hold the key to unlocking the power of community:

Community ownership
  • putting power and resources directly in community hands
Local decision making
  • ensuring communities have control over the important things that happen in their neighbourhoods
Local commissioning
  • enabling community organisations to provide the right services for local people
Community economic development
  • supporting communities to create resilient local economies

Across each of these areas, our campaigns:

  • build the evidence base for why community organisations have answers to big policy challenges
  • identify practical policy solutions to support community organisations to play this role to the full
  • engage with policy makers, influencers and funders to make them happen

We also support our members to navigate important policy issues. We provide regular briefings on the key things community organisations need to know in a fast moving policy environment. And we support members to maximise their own influence locally.

Our key publications

Our key publications help local community organisations, commissioners and local councils to unlock the power of communities to build a fairer society.

We draw on the expertise of our members to create practical guides, reports and research to help transform lives.