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We’re Right Here

The campaign for community power

The We’re Right Here’s campaign calls for a Community Power Act, so that local people can shape the places where they live.

Campaign Overview

The campaign is supported by nine national organisations long committed to ‘community power’ – these are Locality, Power to Change, The Cares Family, New Local, the Young Foundation, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Local Trust, People’s Health Trust and Friends Provident Foundation. We are led by people with direct experience of making things happen in their local areas, with six community leaders driving the campaign. The campaign seeks to draw on the energy and ambition of those committed to their communities and places. It also seeks to harness their frustration at a system that too often gets in the way.

We’re Right Here is campaigning for a Community Power Act – a landmark piece of legislation which will fundamentally change where power lies, so that communities can take back control for real.