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Our Strategy

We have a vision of a fair society where every community thrives and a mission to support community organisations.

We support local organisations to unlock the power that exists in every place. Strong and successful local community organisations, run by and for local people, are essential in tackling many of the difficult social, environmental and economic problems we face. Our goal is simple: to help them be the best that they can be and to create a supportive environment for their work.

Our strategy

Our strategic framework sets out our priorities and our approach over the next few years. It is designed to be flexible in response to the changing and volatile climate we live in.

Locality has five strategic goals:

  1. We will provide resources and tools to support people, groups and community organisations.
  2. We will provide direct support to community organisations and their partners.
  3. We will grow a membership network to connect people and support learning and skills.
  4. We will use our influence to create a better operating environment for community organisations.
  5. We will ensure Locality is a strong and successful organisation.
Our members create the services their communities need. They support over 307,000 people every week.

"I feel that Locality is approachable, easy to access and local Locality reps are extremely well organised, connected to us and understand the organisation and our community."

Locality Member

"Over the years Locality has become the first point of call for advice, help and support."

Locality Member