In recent years, we’ve produced a number of research reports and practical guides on a Keep it Local approach to public services.

Keep it Local: lessons from Bradford and Bristol

Within the Keep it Local Network, we have been working closely with two of the early adopters: Bradford Metropolitan District Council and Bristol City Council. These two places are committed to Keeping it Local and working with us to overcome the barriers that can stand in the way of making this ambition a reality.

Read the lessons from Bradford and Bristol

We want to Keep it Local because we know it’s the best way to provide the best possible offer for our communities.
- Susan Hinchcliffe, Leader, Bradford Council

This report outlines new findings from the experience of community businesses of commissioning and contracting in these two places, finding an appetite and ambition for even closer collaboration in public services.

The crisis has re-emphasised the importance of community-led provision, particularly in health and social care, and in many cases driven closer partnership between the statutory and community sectors.

The report offers important learning for other councils about how they can unlock the power of community in the coronavirus recovery.

New Keep it Local research

In March 2020, we published new research looking at why councils are increasingly choosing to Keep it Local. We worked with seven community organisations across the country exploring their role and their distinctive offer to local communities.

The research also explores the six Keep it Local principles and how councils can apply them to harness the power of community.

Read the March 2020 research

Keep it Local Timeline

Our Timeline details how the public service landscape has changed over time, and how we’ve been working to Keep it Local.

Download the timeline (PDF)

Keep it Local campaign briefing

Our Keep it Local campaign briefing provides a short introduction to the Keep it Local approach, for services that transform lives.

Download the briefing (PDF)

Keep it Local reports and practical guides

1. Research reports

The ways in which Keep it Local commissioning transforms lives, reduces long-term pressure on the public sector and invests in the local economy.

2. Practical guides

Guidance for councillors, commissioners and community organisations on how put a Keep it Local approach into practice.

Research Reports

Practical Guides

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