We want to hear about the latest thinking and practice that is shaping the future of our public services. Use this page to submit evidence or get in touch.

Take our survey

Help us get an accurate picture of today’s public service landscape.

  • Are you a community organisation that delivers public service contracts?
  • Have you in the past, but no longer do so?
  • Do you see the delivery of such contracts as something that would fulfil your organisational mission, but haven’t yet engaged in the process?
  • Do you work in the commissioning or procurement of public services or are an elected councillor with an interest in the way your local authority commissions services?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then this survey is for you.

We want to get a snapshot of the current state of community organisation involvement in the design and delivery of local government public service contracts. It will ensure that we are basing our campaign on the very latest picture of what’s actually happening on the ground.

Deadline for responses: the deadline for responses has now passed

Submit written evidence

We are seeking evidence from those involved in the design, commissioning and delivery of services. We want to hear the latest thinking and practice that is shaping the future of our public services.

So we are inviting written responses to a consultation from a wide a range of organisations and individuals, including, but not limited to:

  • Community organisations
  • Elected councillors
  • Council officers working in procurement and commissioning
  • Think tanks
  • Academics

We are particularly interested in hearing about:

  • the latest trends which are shaping public services
  • examples of ‘scale fail’ – where large outsourcing contracts haven’t delivered the desired outcomes
  • the role of local community organisations in the delivery of public services, and evidence that they can provide services that transform lives
  • examples of local areas doing things differently to harness the power of local organisations

Submit evidence by: the deadline for responses has now passed

Get in touch

If you’d like to speak to the Locality policy team about the Keep it Local campaign, including the survey or call for evidence, get in touch with Policy Officer, Nick Plumb at nick.plumb@locality.org.uk or on 07525 236 796.