From our first steps, to filling our lives with drama and music, community buildings and spaces are where lives are transformed - creating memories, belonging, relationships and fun!

Community buildings and spaces are where we can connect with our neighbours, give help and be supported by others, and where we can come together to shape our own areas.

We want to celebrate with you and remember all the amazing buildings and spaces that are, or have been, at the heart of our communities and helped us shape our own lives. Where local people meet, access services and find support. These are the spaces where everyone belongs and where lives are transformed.

Share your favourite community space, and tell people why you love it

It’s simple, we just want you to share your favourite community building or space with us on Twitter and help us tell the world why community buildings and spaces matter!

It could be a picture, it could be a memory, it could be a place you visit now and want to tell people about or it could be a community space you once loved and sadly lost.

How to do it

We’ll be sharing your much loved community spaces on social media from 19 to 26 June. All you have to do is share your pictures and/or memories with us and tell us why it matters to you using the hashtag #saveourspaces

You can tag us on Twitter @localitynews or on Facebook @localityUK

Not on social media? Send your pictures and memories to us by email anyway and we’ll add it to our amazing feed below.

Our spaces

Weelsby Woods - "When I was young I loved Weelsby Woods, a short walk from my parents' house. From sitting on the famous lion statues at the front entrance, to recreating an ABBA video for a 6th form project, it's a great public space with lots of fantastic memories." Tony Armstrong

Crystal Palace Park "From its famous dinosaur residents, to its fantastic community festival, this is a very special green space. It's where my son took his first steps and we have picnics with friends and neighbours. My family treat it as our own back garden - we're there nearly every day!"

Shire Country Park - "When I was younger we used to spend lots of evenings and weekends jumping on these stepping stones, and sometimes into the River Cole! It was walking distance from our house and felt like a secret world - a place of adventure!" - Meena

Trinity Arts Centre - "Saved by the community, Trinity Arts is a popular arts and music venue and proud Locality member. I've been going to the centre since the early 80s. It keeps the spirit of independent music alive and is one of my top spaces in Bristol." - Paul

Heeley Trust - "My little children have enjoyed many hours playing in this amazing community owned and run park. It has a super long slide, lovely trees, views out to the Peak District and handy pub nearby for the grown ups!" - John

Rayleigh Drive Allotments - "My Dad's allotment was a very special place for me. I had my own tools and we grew sweetcorn one year which was very exotic! There was always a real sense of belonging and everyone looked out for each other." - Kathryn

Berwick Playhouse - "The Playhouse was so special to me. I loved performing on stage and the atmosphere in the dressing rooms. It's gone now. Just a patch of overgrown weeds remain." - Jenny

Greenwich Theatre - "I love going to see local artists and performers at Greenwich Theatre. From being hit by a bomb in WWII, to being saved by the community in the 60s, it's such an inspiring example of local people coming together." - Tara

StarDisc - "The StarDisc is a really special place in Winksworth. Whatever the weather it's a stunning space to be, to contemplate or celebrate. A modern day stone circle in the beautiful Stoney Wood.

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